On 03/28/08 11:31, Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
> On Freitag, 28. März 2008, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 03/28/08 08:14, Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
>>> On Samstag, 22. März 2008, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>>> But vdr does not ask the plugin to hide before trying
>>>>> to show the message, so I am getting the same error
>>>>> message in that situation. I see no way to get rid of it.
>>>>> As a possible solution, can the player control somehow
>>>>> tell vdr that it can handle the message display itself?
>>>>> Something like
>>>>> class cControl : public cOsdObject {
>>>>> public:
>>>>>   ...
>>>>>   virtual bool DisplayMessage(...) { return false };
>>>>> so if a player is active, its DisplayMessage is called.
>>>>> Only when it returns false, vdr then tries to display
>>>>> the message. 
>>>> See cSkinDisplayReplay::SetMessage().
>>> the unpatched vdr-1.5.16 does not contain that. Are you sure you
>>> are using an unpatched vdr? (Sorry, could not resist ;-) )
>>> I do have
>>> void cSkinClassicDisplayMessage::SetMessage(eMessageType Type, const char 
>>> *Text)
>> So I omitted the parameters, big deal ;-)
> I actually meant cSkinDisplayReplay against cSkinClassicDisplayReplay. No big
> deal, of course.
>>> but this plugin does not use skins at all for its player osd.
>>> Just cOsdProvider::NewOsd(). So I dont see how SetMessage() could 
>>> help me.
>> You could set your OSDs "level" to something greater than 0.
>> Then it will be pushed into background when a higher level
>> OSD comes up, and restored after that.
> thank you, this works. No more error messages in the log. Patch for osddemo
> attached.
> Of course the message display is now visually very different from the normal
> player osd. I still think cControl::DisplayMessage() would be useful. Then
> the cControl could better visually integrate the message.

If you really want to "blend in", why doesn't your player use the skin's
"DisplayReplay"? This one displays messages in the way the skin normally


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