start the osddemo plugin and then

echo -e "MESG hallo\nQUIT" |nc localhost 2001

gives me the above error message with vdr 1.5.16

and the message will never be visible.

how can a plugin like a music player handle this
correctly? It always has an open osd, but of course
hides it with Hide(). 

But vdr does not ask the plugin to hide before trying
to show the message, so I am getting the same error
message in that situation. I see no way to get rid of it.

As a possible solution, can the player control somehow
tell vdr that it can handle the message display itself?
Something like

class cControl : public cOsdObject {
  virtual bool DisplayMessage(...) { return false };

so if a player is active, its DisplayMessage is called.
Only when it returns false, vdr then tries to display
the message. 


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