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> I have lurked a while on this list but until now have not had reason to 
> post.

> I am unable to configure xineliboutput to my liking.
> My output device is a 4:3 analog TV.  Watching a 4:3 stream is fine in the
> sense that the full real estate of the TV is used.  Watching a 16:9 stream
> results in (depending on various settings I have tried) either the stream
> 'compressed' vertically to maintain the 16:9 ratio (with black bars top and
> bottom), or a vertically 'stretched' image that loses the 16:9 ratio but
> fills the entire TV screen.

> What I would like is to maintain the stream 16:9 ratio but by by cropping
> the left and right sections of the stream that fall 'outside' the TV, so
> the full real estate of the TV is used, at the expense of losing some
> stream information.

Freeview STBs will use 4:3 or letterboxing, either 14:9 or 16:9, as indicated
by the AFD setting embedded in the MPEG stream. xine-lib has no support for
this wrt picture shape, though it does report its presence and value; there's
a patch which improves this. I've observed problems with it, though, when the
setting is changed.


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