Ian Bates wrote:
> One more remark, if as I believe from the comments in the code above, 
> that the '16:9 crop to 4:3' behaviour is not implemented in 
> xineliboutput, am I the only one suffering from the lack of this 
> feature?  Am I the only one still using a 4:3 TV?  I don't think so, 
> what do other people do when viewing 16:9 material on a 4:3 device, 
> other than put up with the black bars?
I also use a 21" 4:3 old CRT TV for all DVD and TV.  And I want to see 
the whole picture, as the others who have responded.

There is another reason, in addition to the "real estate" reason of 
throwing away a lot of paid content (how wasteful!).  Namely, the 
composition of the images is designed for the format they are shown in, 
at least in quality material.  So, filling the whole screen means you do 
not see the material's photographic value.

I hope some day I'm able to bite the bullet and move to the Full HD 
panel TV world, but so far the old faithful has served well.

Nevertheless, although probably most techies feel the crop mode is not 
interesting, perhaps you'll be able to find one that is willing to 
implement it - or perhaps you can DIY and share the code.

Good luck.


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