ARD swaps some transponders 2nd June.
Eins Extra, Eins Festival, Eins Plus, Phoenix, Arte, Radio Bremen TV,BR-alpha
Astra 1KR  Transponder 51 (10.744 MHz, horizontal, Symbolrate 22.000 kBd)
Radio Bremen TV,BR-alpha Astra 1H  Transponder 101 resp.93
Bayerisches Fernsehen Transponder 71

With VDR that seems to be a great pain, or?

ARD is at say "Channel 5" and the new ARD Channels are 
detected at "1200" ff... (autodetection is a nice feature)

VDR allows to mark "Channel 1200" and move it 1204 lines back wards
via cursor.
(Channel table does no "wrapp", there are 1700 channel entries totally
so the other way arround would be "only" 500 lines))

OK, Channel lists can be sorted by transponder owners.
That way old and new ARD channels are nearby.
But in that mode "move" does not work anymore...

OK, so lets moven 1204 lines so the new channel will become "Channel 6"
Now simply "delete channel 5".
Oops, does not work as there an active "timers"

OK, lets go the timers.
No way to sort them by Channels, and not really "attractive" to
change every timer manually.

I can't imagine that this is realy the "intended" way
if a transponders swaps.

Please tell me what i made wrong?
Why is there no "exchange" or "direct renumber"?

The new ARD channels will be on "lo"-Band AFAIK.
A further reason to make the "single LNB patch" 
part of VDR...
Other "Single Wire" Solutionmay have problems too.
See CENELEC EN 50494 "Unicable"


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