Rainer Zocholl wrote:
> ARD swaps some transponders 2nd June.
> With VDR that seems to be a great pain, or?

It doesn't have to, if they move their NID-TID-SID to the new 
transponders. VDR will then follow with the existing channel to the new 
transponder. Maybe they do that at the end of the simulcast phase.

> OK, Channel lists can be sorted by transponder owners.
> That way old and new ARD channels are nearby.
> But in that mode "move" does not work anymore...

It does work, and I've used it a lot.
If you want to move channel 1200 where channel 5 was, just mark channel 
1200 and drop it at channel 5. This works anyway, no matter whether both 
are right next to each other or 1195 channels apart.

What I do is: Go to ARD, sort by provider (also ARD), check whether some 
ARD channel has a 4-digit number, mark it, and drop it on a similar 
channel. The 4-digit channel then takes the place of the similar 
channel, moving all after that one down. The actual placement may be 
corrected later while sorting by number again.

> A further reason to make the "single LNB patch" 
> part of VDR...

(Assuming you meant lnbsharing patch:) The SourceCaps patch users 
probably won't agree. As long as these two patches are not merged into 
one concept, a permanent integration doesn't make much sense.



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