2008/4/29 Steffen Barszus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Teemu Suikki schrieb:
 > > Has anyone written a direct UPnP/DLNA plugin, to stream out VDR
 >  > recordings and live TV to PS3 or XBOX 360?
 >  >
 >  no something like that doesnt exist. I have used a cron to fetch the m3u
 >  of the channels list onto harddisc and mediatomb to serve it with upnp
 >  to my tg100. To my knowledge they are supporting PS3 and the latest
 >  version is also supporting transcoding - so this seems to be a good
 >  start. Missing is a recording list which can be done with some sort of
 >  hack with the streamdev plugin as well (greating  a file with the urls
 >  for recordings and streamdev externremox to serve the files.

 I tried loading streamdev urls like http://vdr:3000/TS/3 with PS3
 browser.. It does understand that it's some sort of stream, but I
 think it mistakes it as mp3 audio for some reason. Perhaps it would
 help if the url would end with .mpg or something.

 So a playlist doesn't help here, because ps3 can't open the stream itself..

 > > IMHO this would be a logical extension to the streamdev plugin. :)
 >  >
 >  see above - yes. This and the possibility to have some notification
 >  between mediatomb and streamdev-server this would be really nice.

 I'm not switching to mediatomb now that I have spend days to get
 Fuppes working. :) Anyway, with Fuppes I can play any video file with

 Anyway, if I use "wget"; to get a few MB of
 data and save that as "test.mpg", ps3 will show it just fine. So the
 format itself is just fine, I just can't get it streaming..

 I'll probably try to get direct http stream support in fuppes, that
 should do the trick. :)

 Teemu Suikki

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