On Thu, 2008-05-01 at 21:20 +0300, Teemu Suikki wrote:

>  I tried loading streamdev urls like http://vdr:3000/TS/3 with PS3
>  browser.. It does understand that it's some sort of stream, but I
>  think it mistakes it as mp3 audio for some reason. Perhaps it would
>  help if the url would end with .mpg or something.

I don't have a PS3 - but could you try using URLs with 'PES' or 'PS' in
the URL rather than TS? It might like those more :)

Especially if it wants '.mpg' extensions, then PS should be exactly what
it wants to hear..

Certainly UPnP would be a wonderful goal for streamdev's next
development cycle. 


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