Teemu Suikki schrieb:
> 2008/4/29 Steffen Barszus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>> There is a good UPnP server available for linux, called Fuppes:
>>  > http://fuppes.ulrich-voelkel.de/
>>  >
>>  not tried that - found mediatomb to look more interesting
> I installed mediatomb now too. It is far easier to setup than fuppes,
> and has some extra features like http streaming.. But still doesn't
> work any better with PS3. :)
It could be that the mime type is flagged wrong ? Think its outside vdr 
not that usual to stream mpeg2-ts around ;) The TG100 is streaming it 
just fine, but every now and then it displays the TV stream like radio 
(with OSD :( )

Did you try to change the type in the webinterface of mediatomb allready ?
> I wonder why the http streaming doesn't work, PS3 just reports some
> "server error" but logs show that it has actually connected to the
> stream just fine.
Maybe also the IRC of mediatomb might help

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