epg2timers is a tool that allows you to use the web EPG at http://tvtv.de
to program VDR from anywhere in the world simply by clicking
on the things you want vdr to record in the http://tvtv.de listings.

I apologize for being kind of slow in developing epg2timers lately.
I am doing most of my own timer programming using VDRAdmin now.
But since many epg2timers users asked - here is a new version.

epg2timers version 1.5.2a is now available in Klaus' Tools directory at


Changes since epg2timers 1.4.5:

1.5.2   21-Sep-2007 Update channel map.
                     Use stop time instead of duration.

1.5.2a  15-Jun-2008 Update channel map.
                     Adapt code to new merkliste format and
                     to the fact that bookmarks are no longer supported.

See the README file included with the distribution.

Special thanks go to Christian Holpert who has done most of
the work required to port epg2timers to the new http://tvtv.de
merkliste format.


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