Carsten Koch wrote:
> Brian wrote:
>> a question about this version. In earlier versions you had
>> a variable called "episode", and I set the value of that to ""
>> in my source file. Now you just add the string "~EPISODE" to very
>> programm name (if I understand the source correctly.
> You are mostly right.
> In epg2timers <= 1.4.5, asking VDR to configure the episode name
> by adding "~EPISODE" to the timer entry was configurable.
> In 1.5.2, I changed it, so epg2timers automatically uses "~EPISODE"
> for short recordings up to an hour.
> For me, that works perfectly almost all the time.
> How do you like it?
> If you dont, I guess I can make the threshold configurable
> (default = 60 minutes) and you can set it to 0 to disable it.
> Carsten.
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no need to change it for me, I just edited the source to set the value to "" 
all the time.
Your solution would be OK for me though should you distribute another version.

Cheers Brian

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