Carsten Koch schrieb:
> epg2timers is a tool that allows you to use the web EPG at
> to program VDR from anywhere in the world simply by clicking
> on the things you want vdr to record in the listings.
> I apologize for being kind of slow in developing epg2timers lately.
> I am doing most of my own timer programming using VDRAdmin now.
> But since many epg2timers users asked - here is a new version.
> epg2timers version 1.5.2a is now available in Klaus' Tools directory at
> Changes since epg2timers 1.4.5:
> 1.5.2   21-Sep-2007 Update channel map.
>                      Use stop time instead of duration.
> 1.5.2a  15-Jun-2008 Update channel map.
>                      Adapt code to new merkliste format and
>                      to the fact that bookmarks are no longer supported.
> See the README file included with the distribution.
> Special thanks go to Christian Holpert who has done most of
> the work required to port epg2timers to the new
> merkliste format.
> Carsten.
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Hello Carsten,

it's good to hear that somebody is updating these scripts/programs for 
the new TVTV pages. Personaly I preferred the "old" format of the pages, 
but if we can participate for free on a semi-commercial website, I don't 

My question: Are there any plans to support also the extended 
information like actor, director, year of first appearence, etc? We can 
get these infos just by setting "jl_format=3", but it's not decoded by 
epg2timer.cxx. I can try to create a patch for that. But if somebody 
else is just working on that, then I prefer to wait for that solution 
because that might lead to a faster result. I am realy interested in a 
solution for that because I don't like to loose this information, if 
it's there. I use all the for a content description in the 
menue of my DVDs.

But anyway, thanks for this script/program bundle. I use it now for a 
long time...

Manfred Schmidt-Voigt

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