With regards to dvb cards that include mpeg4 hardware decoders...
There aren't many even in development and the ones that do actually
(if they do) make it to production will be very expensive.  At the
cost of the card you can build a pc capable of the same and a lot more
for your money.  In conversations I've had with dvb devs, the demand
for such a card just isn't big enough to bring the price down to
something the average user will pay.  For this reason I don't think
it's wise to continue treating VDR in a way that assumes most users
dusted off the old piece of crap pc in their closet and put a
full-featured card in it.

There is no way to ignore the fact that home entertainment is moving
to htpc-based setups, especially now that hardware is cheap enough
that you can build a powerful pc for little expense.

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