> PCH itself supports multiple audio (and subtitle) tracks at least on other
> formats - but I believe that with VDR it might not be working. I need
> to test this more when I get back to my PCH.

I ran some tests. PCH can replay audio on multi stream. But it cannot switch
the stream. I am using PES format to stream a SD channel. So based on this I 
could remove the +1 autoparameter from URL.

> Now the problem is that h.264 streaming is not working. It should happen via 
> TS-container?
> And for this probably streamdev should be modified. I cannot tell why it is 
> not working
> as PCH does not give any clue on it. Just returns to menu.

I made some tests with HD channel:

TS-stream: PCH shows MPEG2TS, H.264 and AC3. H.264 dimension was unknown 
  - no sound
  - clock is not running (showing 0:00:00)
  - so in theory stream recognition works - but H.264 parsing does not (unknown 
  - I don't know the TS standard - how clock is transmitted. Or is it because 
TS tables? 
PES-stream: unknown stream, MPEG2 (false) and MPEG2 audio. Dimension unknown
  - but I hear sound
  - clock is running (counting seconds)

This is with previous PCH firmware. I need to upgrade firmware to latest and 
check if
there is any changes.



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