On Tue, 4 Nov 2008 15:31:21 +0100, jori.hamalainen wrote
> PCH itself supports multiple audio (and subtitle) tracks at least on 
> other formats - but I believe that with VDR it might not be working. 
> I need to test this more when I get back to my PCH.
> http://www.hdd-player.de/syabas/showthread.php?tid=1777&page=1
> I don't know if this URL recommendation is because of the initial 
> tests made by some guys where they received video but not audio. I 
> think this +1 as a default might become a problem with channels with 
> multiple sound tracks. Maybe there could be additional feature that 
> do not automatically add +1 if count.apid > 1?

As of PES, without a "+audio_pid_index" all audio and dolby pids will be
streamed. So on a channel with only one audio pid, a "+1" won't make any
difference. For channels with multiple audio/dolby pids, the streamdev html
page already contains specific links for each. Look for the <a>-tags with
class apid and dpid respectively. Rather add the vod/prebuf/tvid attributes 

With ES it's obvious that you get either video or audio, never both at the
same time. By default (without +index) you get the video pid. If there is none
(radio channel) you get the first audio pid.

According to an open bug report, PS actually sends PES.

Finally TS normally doesn't consider the actual audio pid. It streams most
relevant pids (not only audio and video) according to the PMT. This format
should be the best choice. It may not have worked by the time the guy at the
NMT forum tried the first time, as streamdev didn't have a PAT repacker by
that time. It is part of streamdev 0.3.4. Have you tried TS?

> >> - Added suffix for URL (TS w/ "C-123-123-123.ts or S-12-123-123.ts", 
> >> ".ps", ".vdr" for PES and ".mpeg" for ES, extern no suffix)
> > I wonder why these are needed?
> I think PCH uses filename based analyzing for stream type 
> recognition. It was at the web forum above that URL like 
> "/PES/*.vdr" should work.

I doubt that *.vdr is known as an official filename extension for PES files.
Maybe any (possibly otherwise unknown) extension would do? Could you verify 

> So I guess if you see it possible to add this into tree - please do 
> it. But if you see adding filename suffix a bad decision then don't. 
> For my own experiments I can do this patching manually. And the 
> patch is already out there for interested people to find.

Filename suffixes have already been suggested a while ago. I'd be fine with
them if they are necessary.

> Now the problem is that h.264 streaming is not working. It should 
> happen via TS-container? And for this probably streamdev should be 
> modified. I cannot tell why it is not working as PCH does not give 
> any clue on it. Just returns to menu.

Haven't checked if the PES remuxer actually supports h.264. TS would be a
better choice anyway.

Good luck,

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