On Sat, 8 Nov 2008 00:12:47 +0100, jori.hamalainen wrote
> > TS-Doctor seems to log what it had to fix. Did it give you a hint?
> Actually I started fixing it what was analyzed on my previous mail,
>  log starts with: - Transfering this back to PCH is out to todays 
> tuning time so I need to test later if this fixed file works..
> Starting at packet 1 00:00:00.000
> ERROR: For video PID 0202 000000E2: Wrong PSCPrefix
> ERROR: For audio PID 0289 00002002: Wrong PSCPrefix

It seems that those messages refer to the very beginning of the stream only. I
assume PSCPrefix is the PES PACKET_START_CODE_PREFIX. Maybe the PSCPrefix
message is logged for incomplete PES packets at the beginning of the stream.

> ----------- PMT 0 -----------
> Packet                   : 2347 

Apparently TS packet 2347 is the first with the PMT. So it might also be
possible that TS-doctor complains about PES packets of yet "unknown" PIDs, as
no PMT has been transmitted yet.

> ----------- PMT 0 -----------
> Packet                   : 1 

The fixed file starts with a PMT packet. Could PCH be choking on the fact that
the TS stream starts right in the middle of nowhere?

Otherwise I don't see any major difference from the output of TS-doctor.
Sorry, I'm a little bit lost here.

> What I can tell this just deletes two subtitle PIDS (swe and fin)

Maybe streamdevs cStreamdevPatFilter::GetPid() filtered too much. Could you
recompile streamdev with debug output enabled:

cd STREAMDEV_SRC_DIR; make clean; DEBUG=1 make all

Plese post the debug output (sent to stderr) as well as the messages from the 


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