On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 15:23:40 +0100, jori.hamalainen wrote
> >> So could streamdev be easily modified to provide PMT at stream start?
> > I opened a bug report
> (http://www.vdr-developer.org/mantisbt/view.php?id=496)
> > and posted a quick hack which should strip off all packets before the
> first 
> > PAT and probably some packets before the first PMT (hopefully not
> including 
> > the PMT). The PMT part needs to be elaborated. Sending a PMT with basic 
> > information first should be possible and sounds like a good idea. I'll
> take 
> > a look into this the next days.
> Thanks - I patched my streamdev with that patch and I'll test it 
> after I get access to my PCH..
> I hope when PCH finds PAT has some patience to read stream for particular
> PMT.

Revised the patch in the bugtracker. It guarantees that the first packet is
PAT, second is PMT. Untested however.


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