> I'm having trouble with playback though. I found "In The Night Garden"
> playing on BBC HD and tried testing with that. With vdr-sxfe the picture
> was mostly OK but very jerky while the sound was hopeless, mostly
> silence with a click or brief snatch of recognisable sound every few
> seconds.

Did you see my post recently about BBC HD not playing with the eHD
card? I am seeing the same symptoms.

>From what I can tell they have changed the way they broadcast the AC3
stream. I noticed they trialled it for a few days then went back to
the original method. Unfortunately they now seem to be using it
permanently which results in BBC HD being unwatchable whilst using

Tony, try go into the DVB menu and turn "Use Dolby Digital" to off.
You will then be using the Mpeg Audio track which doesn't exhibit the
same problems here, but I think it has audio description enabled which
is quite irritating.

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