On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Klaus Schmidinger
> I haven't followed this lately, but if the broadcast stream contains
> AC3 data in PES packets with ID 0xC0, then the problem needs to be
> fixed at the broadcaster - VDR merely follows the standard.
> Unless, of course, a bug in VDR can be pointed out...

Hi Klaus,

Perhaps you are right, but the bizarre thing is that I don't see any
evidence on the Internet of other set top boxes suffering from this
problem. But 0xC0 is normally reserved for MPA audio right? Surely
this would cause problems with other STBs? I also don't see users of
other software (e.g. MythTV) having this problem, which seems a bit

I have uploaded a VDR recording of BBC HD to megaupload if you (or
anyone else) is interested in looking at it? Appreciate you might be
busy with other things right now though. Otherwise, I had a look in
device.c around

          case 0xC0 ... 0xDF: // audio

          case 0xBD: { // private stream 1
                 case 0x80: // AC3 & DTS

but if 0xC0 is being used for audio I can't understand how this can be
adjusted to permit checking for the content of AC3 data too.



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