On 28.11.2008 11:56, Morfsta wrote:
> Sorry to double post, but as an update to this the Reel Multimedia
> guys have found that it appears that the AC3 track is currently being
> broadcast in a PES packet stream with an ID of 0xc0, which could be
> incorrect and AC3 should be broadcast with an id of 0xbd. Perhaps some
> other set top boxes ignore the id and process the stream based on
> content, but it causes severe problems with VDR, including stuttering
> picture and no audio.
> Klaus, do you have any idea of what they have done and whether it can
> or should be fixed in VDR? The RMM guys believe the fix should occur
> in VDR and not the eHD driver, which sounds right if other users with
> xine/ffmpeg are also suffering.

I haven't followed this lately, but if the broadcast stream contains
AC3 data in PES packets with ID 0xC0, then the problem needs to be
fixed at the broadcaster - VDR merely follows the standard.
Unless, of course, a bug in VDR can be pointed out...


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