MythTV includes its own software player and VDPAU support was added
directly into it.

Here are the changes,

I'm sure it'll make its way into xine as well. Of course we can gripe
about it day and night until it does, right ;) And yes, there's really
no reason to work on this in core VDR or softdevice at all, time would
be better spent in getting it into xine and testing it.

- Vaizki

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Subject: Re: [vdr] MythTV Adds Support For NVIDIA VDPAU

On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 07:20:57AM -0800, VDR User wrote:
> I've been hearing tons of people talking about VDPAU and I too hope we
> see support for it in one way or another in VDR.  If not, we'll
> certainly lose even more users to MythTV.  I suppose the good news is
> that h264/HDTV/mpeg-ts are priorities for VDR at least!  Hopefully
> we'll see something soon. :)

Adding vdpau support can be done in one of the soft(devices).
It is not related to core vdr!
Maybe softdevice can do this.
If xinelib adds support for this it should work in vdr too. So i am a
confused what the mythtv guys have implemented now!

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