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Subject: Re: [vdr] MythTV Adds Support For NVIDIA VDPAU

> On 1 Dec 2008, at 21:49, Magnus Hörlin wrote:
> > I have introduced VDR to at least 20 people (mostly windows-users)
> > over the years, but this may be the day it ends.
> It appears you think that VDR will never get a plugin that can utilise
> the VDPAU (or similar) api?

Why should it depend on VDR or its plugins? The only reason when VDPAU
would be used, is in combination with software based device output plugins
like the xine & xineliboutput. As soon as Xine supports VDPAU, then the
VDR plugins *should* support it as well.

For other (read: hardware) output devices, VDPAU isn't used at all.

And from my point of view, MythTV is still not as accesible compared too
for instance Mediaportal or Microsoft MCE. IMHO, the best combo is still
VDR for DVB viewing in combination with XBMC for multimedia viewing. But
then again, this is my oppinion :-)


Niels Wagenaar

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