Op Ma, 1 december, 2008 17:31, schreef Magnus Andersson:
>> And from my point of view, MythTV is still not as accesible compared too
>> for instance Mediaportal or Microsoft MCE. IMHO, the best combo is still
>> VDR for DVB viewing in combination with XBMC for multimedia viewing. But
>> then again, this is my oppinion :-)
>> Regards,
>> Niels Wagenaar
> I agree. Do you have a working script or a good way to switch between
> xbmc and vdr? There are a few threads about this at
> http://xbmc.org/forum/ but no good solution. I want to use vdr as I use
> it today with fast channelswitching and without http connection to
> streamdev plugin.

I use VDR in combination with the Reel HDe and XBMC in Xubuntu 8.10. The
HDE uses HDMI while XBMC is using the onboard VGA connection. I use two
remotes : Hauppauge remote for VDR (/dev/input using Remote plugin) and
MCE Remote for XBMC (lirc). Extremely easy to use and to control.

If you have a software based output plugin and two remotes, you can use a
.lirc in combination with irexec which starts vdr-sxfe or XBMC. I've set
this up for a good friend where his MCE Remote has two perticular buttons
(LiveTV and DVD) configured for starting two scripts which then starts
xine or XBMC. He then uses the MCE Remote (minus the two buttons) for XBMC
and his other remote (Hauppauge) with VDR through the Remote plugin and
/dev/input location.

Oh, and the software based solution has a high WAF according to my friend :)

> /Magnus


Niels Wagenaar

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