Hello all,

A system question, not so VDR related, but I hope someone in the list use
the same configuration.

>From time to time my system won't boot since ext3 file system got corrupted
and asks me to log in as root and run fsck manually. No bad blocks are
found, just incorrectly stored nodes that are always fixed.

I have 3 320GByte SATA disks partitioned to several large partitions, those
partitions are configured to software RAID-5 between disks and on those
RAID-5 partitions there are 2 LVM volumes, one for system and another for
There are also 250 MByte partition on every disk, while 2 of them are
configured to software RAID-1 and mapped to /boot.

System LVM gets corrupted more often since its used more intensively.

Does anybody here have the same configuration? Or any other software RAID-5
Did anyone faced such problems? Maybe someone facing the same problem
without RAIDs?
Any help will be appreciated.

I'm running on Fedora 10 with 2.6.27 kernel.
I had the same problem with Fedora 8 as well.

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