Tony Houghton a écrit :
> On Thu, 18 Dec 2008 23:32:31 +0200
> "Alex Betis" <> wrote:
>> I've tried Ubuntu about a year ago, but it didn't support any RAID nor LVM
>> configurations in installation stage, so I went back to Fedora, which has
>> all those options.
> I can't find much about this on, but its "alternate" (text
> mode installer) download definitley used to support LVM and no doubt
> still does. I'm pretty sure it's based on Debian's installer, which
> apparently does also support RAID.

I installed Debian with RAID + LVM at the text installer stage many 
times. One can install almost any RAID + LVM mix directly with the 
No problem since many years, but I always use ReiserFS, even for /boot. 
I also use RAID1 instead fo RAID5.

My home server :
* hda1, hdc1 : /boot, selected by the BIOS
* hda2 + hdc2 : RAID1 + LVM, for system FS (/, /var, /usr, etc)
* hda3, hdc3 : bare swap
* hda4 + hdc4 : LVM (/home, /backup)
* hdb1 + hdd1 : LVM in stripped mode (/video)

My hosting servers have similar setups, with DRBD in the game (network 


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