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> >> I've tried Ubuntu about a year ago, but it didn't support any RAID nor
> >> configurations in installation stage, so I went back to Fedora, which
> has
> >> all those options.
> >
> > I can't find much about this on ubuntu.com, but its "alternate" (text
> > mode installer) download definitley used to support LVM and no doubt
> > still does. I'm pretty sure it's based on Debian's installer, which
> > apparently does also support RAID.
> I installed Debian with RAID + LVM at the text installer stage many
> times. One can install almost any RAID + LVM mix directly with the
> installer.
> No problem since many years, but I always use ReiserFS, even for /boot.
> I also use RAID1 instead fo RAID5.

I've spent half a day googling around to see if someone had the same problem
as I have.
People reported even worse problems than mine, all reported that it happened
only with ext3, but did not happen with reiser.
Looks like big caches on hard drives cause some problems so the journal info
is not properly written. Since ext3 doesn't have CRC on journal blocks, it
can't detect the problem. The issue is supposed to be solved in ext4.
Although other file systems didn't report any problem, everyone said it
still doesn't mean there is no problem, maybe other FSs didn't detect it

Also, many sysadmins that manage large systems write against LVM when not
needed (like in our case), according to them its just adds non-needed
complexity and cause some problems. I kinda agree with them. So I'm in
process now of removing the LVM and stay with RAID1 for boot, RAID5 for
system, swap and storage. I'll probably stay with ext3 for now.

> My home server :
> * hda1, hdc1 : /boot, selected by the BIOS
> * hda2 + hdc2 : RAID1 + LVM, for system FS (/, /var, /usr, etc)
> * hda3, hdc3 : bare swap
> * hda4 + hdc4 : LVM (/home, /backup)
> * hdb1 + hdd1 : LVM in stripped mode (/video)
> My hosting servers have similar setups, with DRBD in the game (network
> RAID1).

How do you setup this thing? Can't you just use rsync or something similar?

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