Hi all,

as my hardware is shipping (went for the ASUS M2N78Pro, GeForce 8300
with an Athlon X2 4850e, hopefully that'll work with VDPAU and HD
videos), it's now time to choose a DVB-S/2 card.

I consider the TT 3200 and with a slight preference the Haupauge
HVR-4000 (drivers in the kernel since 2.6.28 seems a bit more
comfortable). The only point I'm unsure about is the Haupauge WinTV
CI-module USB. Does anyone know about its linux compatibility?

Or do you recommend the TT 3200 if I need an CI module?

And the second question is about the preferred distribution to use VDR
with. Are there any distributions optimized for VDR and fast boot times?
(Yes I know [1], but that didn't help me with choosing one optimized for
short boot times.) LinVDR seemed to be such, but the last version is now
4 years old. I personally have experiences with Gentoo and Debian, so
that would be my choices if no one has a better option worth trying.



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