On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 09:05:04PM +0000, Tony Houghton wrote:
> > not sure about this. Intel series i9xx graphics is able to scale by
> > hardware even in interlaced mode. I use this feature for my intel based
> > frame rate control patches (SCART/RGB/PAL vga-sync-fields patch).
> VDPAU is currently only on NVidia cards although it's possible Intel and

right. But I thought that NVidia could eventually provide the same 
scale-interlaced-picture hardware feature as Intel does.

> even ATI may provide backends for it in the future. I think only the
> most recent Intel chipsets support H.264 decoding, does your patch work
> with those? Once there's a stable API for their H.264 decoding I guess

the patch works with older (pre-avivo) Radeons and recent i9xx Intel
chipsets. Currently I only support antiquated RGB/SCART:-)

Though 'durchflieger' of vdr-portal.de also supports H.264 compatible 
video modes with his own patches. 

> we'll have the best of both worlds :-).

right! It's nice to see how HDTV finally finds its way to Linux without
expensive extension cards.

- Thomas

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