On 19 Feb 2009, at 04:59, Goga777 wrote:

>>> And if the video has to be scaled it would have to scale each field
>>> separately then reinterlace them line-by-line at the output  
>>> resolution
>> Ok, I guess this single issue implies that vdpau is not fully  
>> suitable
>> for displaying interlaced material with interlaced output.
> but what about hdmi output from vdpau cards to LCD TV SET ?
> is that issue also actually or not ? or that problem exists only for  
> s-video/rgb/component video fro CRT TV SET >

It's an issue with interlaced output when the source material is  
interlaced, and no deinterlacing is performed by the gfx card. It  
doesn't matter if it's hdmi, component or s-video output that is being  

Torgeir Veimo

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