On 14.04.2009 01:42, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
> This would of course require information from vdr in a slightly
> different form; ie. semantically instead of pixels. I'd suggest trying
> to get the OSD information as HTML from VDR, then allowing the frontend
> to render it in any way it deems suitable, with fancy animation,
> transition effects, icons etc. This might also make it easier to
> implement text-only OSD, eg for terminal connections.

This is mostly what the VDR skin interface already provides: A 
semantically structured description of the interface. Most skins 
translate this into a bitmapped OSD view, but they don't have to. The 
skincurses plugin for example uses the text console. VDR itself never 
uses the OSD directly, only through the two standard skins.

So if you want, you can write an HTML-skin or an SVG-skin or OpenGL-Skin 
any time you want. And by using plugin-to-plugin communications, you can 
easily open this for other plugins, so that they can directly use SVG or 
whatever too.



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