Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 13.04.2009 20:11, VDR User wrote:
>> There's been recent talk in #xine-vdpau about expanding VDR to allow
>> for a high color osd.  Does anyone happen to know any bad implications
>> of changing tIndex from uint8_t to a uint16_t for allowing access to
>> more of a color palette?
> I believe the right way to go is to implement a full 24 (32 with alpha
> channel) bit OSD, as was already done for the Reelbox. This will soon
> be added to the core VDR code.

i don't want to complain, i like vdr very much (use ist now for years), 
but i see only a lot of new gimmicks in vdr in the last months/years. I 
still waiting for real client/server/multi-user functionality. I know 
that there are plugins (xineliboutput, streamdev and so on) but it is 
still not 100%. Is there anything in the queue about this topics?

Thanks a lot


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