2009/4/30 VDR User <user....@gmail.com>

> For years it was console-only Debian with nexus-s tv-out.  When that
> didn't cut it anymore due to things like hdtv, hdmi, etc. I bought a
> cheap vdpau video card, tried vdr-xine for the first time, and have
> been happy ever since!  The few problems I had were all code-related
> and quickly resolved by the developers so I couldn't be happier.

Is interlaced output with interlaced material still a no-go with vdpau, when
no deinterlacer is involved?
Last time i tested that resulted in a double (ghosted) output picture, as if
the two fields were merged, then scaled, then output to separate fields
again, which causes exactly such an effect. This was with driver rev 185.29

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