On Wednesday 29 April 2009 17:47:46 Petri Helin wrote:

> You said earlier that you use HTTP to connect with your frontend. The
> xineliboutput README states the following:
> Using with other media players (mplayer, vlc, ...)
>    Primary device video and audio (without OSD or subtitles)
>    can be streamed from plugin control port to almost any media
>    player using http or rtsp.
> So, you might want to use a xine-based frontend (for example vdr-sxfe
> or xine-ui) with xvdr.

Oh, thanks for pointing that out, I'm such a n00b. I've read the README up and 
down but happily read the part "without OSD" as "with OSD". Doh! Then it's 
time to test vdr-sxfe and see how that fares. I wanted to keep the display in 
the same process as the rest of my media frontend app, but controlling an 
external process is no big hassle.

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