This is a very popular feature in the Sky+ & SkyHD PVR's from Sky here in
the UK as it  enables them to offer the ability to rewind 'Live TV' in an
ad-hoc way (at least to the point where you switched over to the currently
viewed channel)
I agree it must put extra wear & stress on the hard drive and yes the energy
usage must be higher.


On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 11:13 PM, VDR User <> wrote:
> I really hope Klaus never intends to implement something like the live
> tv buffer that myth has.  The idea of one of my harddrives saving
> nonstop 24/7 is really really lame.  Huge waste of power, constant
> heat, and unnecessary wear on the harddrive for something that
> probably doesn't even get used that much in the first place.

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