I've just moved to the US from Europe and trying to get my head around
ATSC. I have a Hauppauge HVR950q which works in Windoze and Linux (With
Kaffeine) and almost with VDR (my preferred platform).

I have it normally connected to Comcast cable which should pipe through
a bunch of FTV channels using QAM256. These I can see and hear in
kaffeine with AC97 audio. However, in VDR it appears to change the pids
automatically so that the audio stops working. If I manually change VDR
to not auto update and put the APID in then it squeeks rather than
works. However, streaming to mplayer using streamdev seems to work. (It
does the same this with OTA channels too - although I can only get 4
with a portable antenna.)

I am using Ubuntu's VDR source 1.6.0 something or other, but patched
with the ATSC patch.

I had a really hard time trying to work out the channels.conf file, and
in the end settled for something like:


This is after VDR has eaten the audio pid away. Normally this is one
number higher than the vpid. So for WIFR 1985, WQRF 2049 etc.

I'm willing to believe I've cocked it up as nothing I had would
automatically scan the QAM channels. In the end I used scan and it added
"VDR Doesn't support ATSC yet" instead of M256:C:0.

Thanks guys... Fairly soon my shipping will arrive from Italy with my
main server, sat cards and Hauppauge MVP's to stick around the house. I
wonder what could possibly go wrong?

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