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I have it normally connected to Comcast cable which should pipe through
a bunch of FTV channels using QAM256. These I can see and hear in
kaffeine with AC97 audio. However, in VDR it appears to change the pids
automatically so that the audio stops working. If I manually change VDR
to not auto update and put the APID in then it squeeks rather than
works. However, streaming to mplayer using streamdev seems to work. (It
does the same this with OTA channels too - although I can only get 4
with a portable antenna.)

ATSC uses only AC-3 audio, so the Apid should be 0 and the Dpid needs to
be set appropriately. Since the sound squeaks, whatever value you have
set for the Apid should be the Dpid.

For example,


Perfect... Thanks

Is there a way to keep auto update on, but stop Comcast from sending
wrong pids?  It keeps settings all audio options to 0 and some vpids too?

The streamtype for those AC3 PIDs is 0x81. Adding this to pat.c will
add the digital PIDs correctly.

--- pat.c~      2009-06-22 12:28:08.000000000 -0400
+++ pat.c       2009-06-22 13:32:48.461538560 -0400
@@ -432,6 +432,9 @@
+                case 0x81:             // AC3 DPIDs
+                     Dpids[NumDpids++] = stream.getPid();
+                     break;
               //default: printf("PID: %5d %5d %2d %3d %3d\n",
pmt.getServiceId(), stream.getPid(), stream.getStreamType(),
pmt.getVersionNumber(), Channel->Number());//XXX
             for (SI::Loop::Iterator it; (d =
SI::CaDescriptorTag)); ) {

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Perfect.  I wonder if this could go in the atscepg patch?

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