Rob Davis wrote:
> I have it normally connected to Comcast cable which should pipe through 
> a bunch of FTV channels using QAM256. These I can see and hear in 
> kaffeine with AC97 audio. However, in VDR it appears to change the pids 
> automatically so that the audio stops working. If I manually change VDR 
> to not auto update and put the APID in then it squeeks rather than 
> works. However, streaming to mplayer using streamdev seems to work. (It 
> does the same this with OTA channels too - although I can only get 4 
> with a portable antenna.)

ATSC uses only AC-3 audio, so the Apid should be 0 and the Dpid needs to 
be set appropriately. Since the sound squeaks, whatever value you have 
set for the Apid should be the Dpid.

For example,


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