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> On 09.08.2009 22:45, Tony Houghton wrote:
> > By Yesterday I don't mean the day before today, I mean a channel on
> > Freeview, the UK's DVB-T network :).
> > 
> > VDR doesn't seem to be able to get the EIT data for the Yesterday
> > channel. The code I've written for boxstar can grab it OK, so I don't
> > think there's anything special about the channel. Does VDR try to scan
> > the EIT for programmes on other frequencies as well as the currently
> > tuned one?

In fact, it isn't just Yesterday, the entire Freeview network has no EPG
in VDR. I can tune to the channels though. The DVB-S EPG is present

> Yes, it does. You just need to tune to the transponder that carries
> the actial EPG data (or let VDR do an EPG scan).

If VDR does scan the EIT for other transport streams why would I need to
tune to the one carrying the channel whose EPG I want? In theory the EPG
for the entire network should be available on each and every

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