Question for Thomas I guess...

I'm in the process of setting up a PVR and just came across the FRC
project which looks very interesting!

One query I have though is the re. the restriction on the resolutions

If I'm reading the patches correctly it seems that the ATI chips can
currently do 720x576 only, where the Intel chips can be configured for
1440x576 and 1600x1200 only.

The Intel driver has been patched to allow a 12MHz dot clock - is it in
fact capable of supporting 720x576 interlaced? If so is there a hardware
limitation preventing the FRC syncing working at this resolution?

(I ask as I'm planning to use a Mini-ITX Atom board with a GMA950 to be
hooked up to a standard-def TV. It would be good if I could use the
onboard video and leave the PCI slot free.)

Dave Cunningham                                  PGP KEY ID: 0xA78636DC

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