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In fact I use the cable from here
<> with the cut off
circuit so I'd actually have to build a new cable to use this resolution.

you can use any VGA2SCART cable realizing some composite sync circuitry.
My favorite cable (the simplest circuit I know from) is described in my README.
I don't know why most VGA2SCART cables are composed of so many parts.

I actually made the cable I did for the auto shutoff so as to be sure I didn't accidentally kill the TV. Also fits inside the scart shell which is nice (though I guess this isn't so difficult).

ATI cards do have a major drawback compared to Intel cards:
They can't scale vertically in interlaced mode because they can't scale
both fields independently. So your TV must handle format adaptions.

Guess I better break out the soldering iron again then...

Thanks for the advice!
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