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Looking for some help again :(

I've finally tried to get this up and running with the patched Intel xserver on a D945GCLF2 atom board (I see from your readme that you've tried this configuration so assume it should work).

(Note I'm using MPlayer right now and not xine/vdr).

The desktop's working just fine but I'm having problems with XV. When running in a window xv's fine however when I switch to full screen all I get is a blue screen + audio.

I've done a lot of googling / messing with xserver options / xv overlay ports but I'm no further forward yet!

An addendum...

When running in non-interlaced mode with my normal monitor (1280*1024) rather than the TV xv works fine in full screen mode. (Incidentally I note the readme for the xserver says that the driver doesn't support interlaced mode though I guess that's what patch changed).

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