It's the exact same situation for North American users as well.  You
guys grossly underestimate our numbers since you're not members of
that particular community.  Klaus advertising his list of users, or
the mailing list, or forums that are primarily non-english won't do
much in terms of getting people to go to those places.  I personally
know a lot of guys who are aware of this mailing list and still don't
bother to subscribe to it for one reason or another.  Instead they
prefer to wait for things to filter down to the resources they use.  I
know part of this has to do with the lack of support for NTSC because
none of the developers use it.  Even I pursued trying to get things
that are hardcoded PAL to be either auto-detected or set by the user
but there was basically no interest in response.  I'm glad to be here
personally and take an active role in helping any way I can in general
because I think VDR is a great piece of software and only want to see
it get better, broaden it's support & features, and become the
undeniable king of linux dvb hands-down.

To the original poster, sorry that we've gone off-topic.  I'm not sure
how much of this actually has anything to do with "replay problems
with extension hd". ;)


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