I don't think people would like that.
DRBD has imho a good approach* to track users (and used versions!), but regardless of the method, this is certainly not on Klaus' priority list.

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   Christian (#68)

*On first startup (or after upgrades) a unique ID will generated and the user will be asked if he wants to send this ID together with the current version to the maintainer. Optionally (to appear on a list just like vdr's user list) personal data may be entered, but this is up to the user. Pressing enter will just send the unique ID and version, aborting the prompt will not send anything.

jori.hamalai...@teliasonera.com wrote:
Perhaps VDR should try to send UDP packet to Klaus's server when it starts.
Not all will not like it, but it is same for me. Windows software do this
constantly under name for "automatically check for program updates".

BR, Jori, a registered VDR user since 2003.

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