On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 12:10 AM, Christian Tramnitz<chris....@gmx.net> wrote:
> I don't think people would like that.
> DRBD has imho a good approach* to track users (and used versions!), but
> regardless of the method, this is certainly not on Klaus' priority list.
> Best regards,
>   Christian (#68)
> *On first startup (or after upgrades) a unique ID will generated and the
> user will be asked if he wants to send this ID together with the current
> version to the maintainer. Optionally (to appear on a list just like vdr's
> user list) personal data may be entered, but this is up to the user.
> Pressing enter will just send the unique ID and version, aborting the prompt
> will not send anything.
> jori.hamalai...@teliasonera.com wrote:
>> Perhaps VDR should try to send UDP packet to Klaus's server when it
>> starts.
>> Not all will not like it, but it is same for me. Windows software do this
>> constantly under name for "automatically check for program updates".
>> BR, Jori, a registered VDR user since 2003.

User-tracking has _absolutely no place_ in VDR what-so-ever!!  It
serves no purpose and if someone wants to be added to a user list
somewhere, they can register themselves.  If someone really thinks
this is a brilliant idea, they can write a plugin to do it but it
should have no chance becoming a part of VDR core.

No offense but that's the worst idea I've heard by far.

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