On 11.10.2010 22.22, Vesa wrote:
eHD card has now days working plugin for vdr, more info about that here:


eHD is stable with latest card firmwares, also for ts playback. Only issue
is still that somehow VDR is not compatible with eHD on replay mode. With
live tv DVB subtile timing is correct. During replay subtitles still comes
6-7s too early here in Finland.

Last real discussion about this bug is from Sat Sep 5 15:09:30 CEST 2009.
And still no any real solutions.


This is really annoying problem and basically all of the recordings containing dvb subtitles are pretty much useless. The problem exists also on recordings having teletext subtitling, but the teletext plugin have an option for delaying the subtitling.

Perhaps the easiest fix would be getting the delay option back for the dvb subtitles. While making recording feature on vdr usable again :O, the delay option would give more time for fixing the actual problem. And of course the delaying option would be helpful in the future while facing similar problems or use cases needing the option....


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