> Maybe the cards are supported by the newer kernel?

I went with a full install of opensuse 11.2 (11.1 didn't want to start the 
upgrade :-) )

11.2 recognized the onboard lan port (I had to have a pci-e lan card....)
The skystar 2 was recognized with no problems.
The Hvr-3000 seems to be recognized but I have to investigate, since it is a 
combo DVB-S/DVB-T but you can use only one at time... I never used it before 
due to same strangeness, I will investigate later...
The chipset on the Usb stick was recognized but the drivers could not 
understand which specific stick it was. I had to put a modprobe options line to 
specify the card type... strangely the exact stick name as reported by lsusb -v 
is listed as card=21 but I allways used it with card=11....

I also own a FF card I used on a 200mhz pentium (no fans...)... unfortunately 
no dvb-s2/t2... 

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