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> I'm watching this sort of thread with interest...no free HD content
> in the UK yet (at least over DVB-T) but it's on the way in the next
> few years. No immediate need for getting an HD tele' or beefing up my
> vdr box for HD playback but putting in a small, purpose-built decoder
> card definitely seems to be the way forward.
> It would be nice to see support for the Broadcom HD decoders in
> FFMPEG so they can be used by softdevice but I'm not holding my
> breath! Once I have HD transmissions at my disposal, I'll definitely
> be buying such a decoder card or whatever they've been superseded by!
> Maybe someone will also have made some DVB-T2 devices by then!

The trouble with a purpose-built decoder is that it takes up a valuable
PCI(-E) slot when there are plenty of motherboards with onboard graphics
which should be able to do hardware decoding, even if it does currently
limit the choice to NVidia. In the short term (providing software as
well as drivers supports these cards) a separate decoder has the
advantage that you could pair it with ATI graphics and benefit from FRC

I think that the future may ultimately lie with OpenCL.

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