On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 10:47 AM, L. Hanisch <d...@flensrocker.de> wrote:
>  On my first thought I considered to take 'A' for 'analog', but since there
> is something like "ATSC" (and I know nothing about it, if it's supported by
> vdr or is covered by dvbdevice or whatever), perhaps I should use another
> one?
>  So I think it would be better to take *'V' = 'analog video'*, since
> pvrinput is basically an interface to v4l-devices.

"ATSC is a set of standards developed by the Advanced Television
Systems Committee for digital television transmission. ATSC replaced
much of the analog NTSC television system[1]  in the United
States[2][3]  on June 12, 2009 and will replace NTSC by August 31,
2011 in Canada[4]  and December 31, 2021 in Mexico."

Yes, I think you should take ATSC into consideration unless you want
to ignore North America. ;)

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