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On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 10:47 AM, L. Hanisch<>  wrote:
  On my first thought I considered to take 'A' for 'analog', but since there
is something like "ATSC" (and I know nothing about it, if it's supported by
vdr or is covered by dvbdevice or whatever), perhaps I should use another
  So I think it would be better to take *'V' = 'analog video'*, since
pvrinput is basically an interface to v4l-devices.

"ATSC is a set of standards developed by the Advanced Television
Systems Committee for digital television transmission. ATSC replaced
much of the analog NTSC television system[1]  in the United
States[2][3]  on June 12, 2009 and will replace NTSC by August 31,
2011 in Canada[4]  and December 31, 2021 in Mexico."

Yes, I think you should take ATSC into consideration unless you want
to ignore North America. ;)

 That was never my intention... :-)

I knew ATSC is an american standard for television, but I do not know with which devices it can be received with linux. Is it part of v4l or of dvb (or somehow both of them)? Are there patches for vdr which exposes a new kind of device or is it an extension of the existing dvbdevice?

 Anyway I would like to claim the source identifier 'V' for pvrinput. Just for 
the records...


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