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which DVB card and which driver version do you use? I also had those problems with an old skystar 2. Nr of pid filters was too low and datarate of the stream was to high to transport it completely I was told.

The card is indeed a skystar 2, but these are fairly low bitrate channels, and dvbstream has no problem with them (hence excluding an issue with the card or the signal). It's true that dvbstream is only streaming the audio and video pids, while vdr is also using filters for eit/pmt/sdt, but I don't really think that's a problem, otherwise I'd see it with other, more demanding, channels, that actually work fine. I have no problem with various hd channels and also have no problem recording/watching several channels at once (on the same transponder), so that also should exclude a problem with the available amount of pid filters.

Ah, I see, you refer to the global bandwidth of the transponder and that it could exceed the capacity of the skystar2 if more than 6 pid filters are needed and it switches to full ts streaming.
That could indeed be the case, I'll check when I'm at home.


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